Holy Trinity, Hastings
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    For more details of weekly activities, please look under individual headings e.g. FOR KIDS/FOR ADULTS. Some of these activities may be in recess during school/national holidays.

    To see this week's "Trinity Message", click on    News Sheet

    Normal and upcoming events are shown below.

  • WEEK BEGINNING - Sunday 29th March 2020

    • Sunday 29th
      • All services suspended until further notice
      • 7.00pm Seafarers Mission - Since Seafarers are not allowed off their ships, the Seafarer's centre will remain closed for the forseable future. Please pray for the seafarers

    • Monday 23rd
      • Play Group cancelled till further notice
      • Seafarers Mission - closed

    • Tuesday 24th

    • Wednesday 25th
      • Men's bible study in recess until further notice

    • Thursday 26th
      • Ladies KYB in recess until further notice
      • Study Group at Christine and Don's in recess until further notice

    • Friday 27th
      • Coffee Chew & Chat with Chris Stubbs in recess until further notice

    • Saturday 28th
      • 7.00pm Seafarers Mission - closed till further notice

    • Sunday 29th March
      • Church services will be conducted on-line. Please see News Sheet or click on    News Sheet

  • 7.00pm Seafarers Mission - closed

  • All activities in recess until further notice. However, see News Sheet to find out how to connect with on-line Sunday services or click on    News Sheet

    General Information

    Holy Trinity Church and its car park are built on a single level and are wheelchair accessible.

    A profile of the Parish is available to view as a .pdf file. Note, some small details may have changed since it was written. Please refer to current activities on webpage.

    To view it, click on Profile





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