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Readings & Sermons

28th June 2020

Sentence of the day

The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6.23

Prayer of the day

O God, your Son has taught us that those who give a cup of water in his name will not lose their reward: open our hearts to the needs of your children, and in all things make us obedient to your will, so that in faith we may receive your gracious gift, eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lectionary Readings for 28th June 2020

Genesis 22. 1 - 14/Psalm 45. 10 - 17/ Romans 6.12-23 /Matthew 10. 40-42      

Please read Psalm 32 in conjunction with the sermon

Lectionary Readings for 5th July 2020

Genesis 24. 34 –49, 58- 67/Psalm 13/ Romans 7. 14- 25 /Matthew 11. 15 - 30      

Please note:- To check whether revised restrictions apply to a particular activity, please click on    "News Sheet"

Weekly sermons are available as an audio and/or .pdf file by clicking the links below

Date                         Sermon Title                                             Speaker                     Listen     Read    
29th March 2020       Anxiety Alistair Begg                *    
5th April 2020       Humility Alistair Begg                *    
10th April 2020       Good Friday service Tim Anderson                N/A        *  
12th April 2020       Easter Day service Tim Anderson                *        *  
19th April 2020       Sparklit Sunday Michael Collie                N/A        *  
26th April 2020       Enjoying the Father's generosity Tim Anderson               N/A        *  
3rd May 2020       Enjoying the Father’s Formation Tim Anderson               N/A        *  
10th May 2020       In every prayer we can enjoy the Father's welcome Tim Anderson               *        *  
17th May 2020       In every failure we can enjoy the Son's grace Tim Anderson               N/A        *  
24th May 2020       In every pain we can enjoy the Son's presence Tim Anderson               N/A        *  
31st May 2020       In every supper we can enjoy the Son's touch Tim Anderson               N/A        *  
7th June 2020       Enjoying the Spirit's life Tim Anderson               N/A        *  
14th June 2020       Enjoying the Spirit's voice Tim Anderson               *        *  
21st June 2020       In one another we can enjoy God's love Tim Anderson               N/A        *  
28th June 2020       In daily repentance and faith we can enjoy God's freedom Tim Anderson               *        *  

Note that you can access the sermons by Alistair Begg as either an audio file or a video file. Please select either LISTEN or WATCH on the screen that appears after clicking on the above link and, of course, pressing "Play".

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